• Notti 1lb Double Stack

    Our Notti Double Stack 1/2 Pound Treat Boxes let you mix and match your favorite Notti Treats. Each box of toffee weighs a half pound. Double stack total weight is 1 pound.

  • Notti Boys Medium Triple Stack

    Shown here with our special gift wrap.) Build a Notti Triple Stack 1/2 Pound Treat Box and really send something delicious and fun! Choose your favorite treat when you check out. Each box is 2″ tall and 4″ wide.  Boxes will weigh 1/2 with toffee in them, but other products may weigh less.

  • Notti Toffee 1/2 Pound Box

    The Notti Toffee 1/2 Pound Box can be filled with any of our Notti Products: Dark Chocolate Toffee (pretzels or nuts); Butterscotch Toffee (pretzels or nuts); White Chocolate Toffee (with pretzels or nuts); Dark Chocolate Toffee with Fresh Ground Coffee Bean (with pretzels or nuts); Notti Cheese wafers (regular or gluten free); Notti Cookies (Notti Boys miniature gingerbread men; Notti Angels miniature gingerbread angel cookies; Notti Hearts sugar cookies; Notti Bunny sugar cookies Notti Mommy sugar cookies; Notti Daddy sugar cookies; Notti Boo sugar cookies and Notti Cookies which are flower shaped.) Each 1/2 pound treat box measures 2″ tall 3″deep and 4″ wide. Toffee will weigh 1/2 pound. The cookies and cheese wafers may weigh less than 1/2 pound.