• Notti Valentine Pail

    Give a Gallon of Love to your Valentine this Valentine’s Day!

  • Large Notti Valentine Triple Stack

    Our Notti Large Tower (pic above is Notti Mega Tower) would be cute as a NOTTI TOWER OF LOVE – for any dating, engaged or newlywed.  It is available with the assortment of toffee, heart cookies and cheese wafers – or a mix of all different toffee. The new pics will also show it with a red ribbon.

  • Notti Toffee Valentine 6-Pack

    Our Notti Toffee 6 Pack contains 6 1/2 pound boxes that can be filled with any of our Notti Products. Combine: Dark Chocolate Toffee; White Chocolate Toffee; Butterscotch Toffee; Dark Chocolate Coffee Toffee; Notti Mommy High Heel Sugar Cookies; Notti Cheese Wafers.

  • Notti Valentine Medium Triple Stack

    The Notti Valentine Medium Triple Stack contains 3 half pound boxes. The first box is filled with a half pound of Notti Toffee. The second box is filled with Notti Hearts (or Notti Valentine) heart shaped sugar cookies. And the third box is filled with our crispy Notti Cheese wafers. You can choose different products to fill the boxes when you check out. Each box is 2″ tall, 3″deep and 4″ wide. Boxes will weigh 1/2 with toffee. The cheese wafers and cookies may weigh less.

  • Big and Notti Gallon of Love Pail

    Our Big & Notti Paint Pail is perfect for bigger groups or for those who like things Big & Notti!  We like that!

  • Notti Valentine Gift Crate

    Give your Valentine a Whole Lotta Love with this Notti Valentine Gift Crate.