We hope so.  Here you'll find sinfully delicious Notti toffee, Notti Zesty Cheese Bits, Notti Pretzels (drizzled in chocolate), Notti Sugar Cookies shaped like leaves, Notti Gift Towers and all sorts of fun Halloween treats.

What makes Notti Toffee special?  First, it's made from an old family recipe and we haven't changed a thing. You won't find preservatives in this toffee. In fact, we use the finest ingredients around including dark chocolate, real sugar and butter. And when you purchase Notti Toffee you are helping to create jobs in Alleghany County, North Carolina.  So, thank you!

You're in for a treat. Notti Toffee is a handmade, all-natural, incredibly delicious confection made with mouth-watering ingredients including sugar, butter and other yummy things like sumptuous dark chocolate, pretzels and pecans. This is english-style toffee made right in the mountains of North Carolina. All of our products are preservative-free and seriously tasty. When you purchase any of our products (all made in NC), you're helping to create jobs in Alleghany County. It's like being Notti and good at the same time.  We like that.

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