About Us


So Notti …

What makes Notti Toffee special?  First, it’s made from an old family recipe and we haven’t changed a thing. You won’t find preservatives in this toffee. In fact, we use the finest ingredients around including dark chocolate, real sugar and butter. And when you purchase Notti Toffee you are helping to create jobs in Alleghany County in the mountains of North Carolina. This area was hit particularly hard when the economy turned several years ago — and it’s a place that is near and dear to our hearts.  By purchasing Notti products (all made in NC), you are helping support hard working, down-to-earth, talented people.

Our products taste delicious because they are all natural, preservative-free and handmade. Whenever possible, we buy our ingredients from local suppliers.

What is Toffee, anyway?

Toffee is a yummy mixture of butter, sugar, chocolate and other delicious ingredients that are added in like pretzels or pecans. Our signature Notti Toffee came from a family recipe and every year it was given as a gift to friends and family at Christmas.  We had so many folks tell us they loved our toffee and the signature clear, plastic “paint pail” we packaged it in. So, in 2009 – we started our Notti little business.

Through word of mouth, our toffee has been well received from New York City to LA.  It has become popular in Dallas, Tampa, Charleston, Washington D.C. and many other locations!  One diplomat bought over 300 paint pails and sent them around the world as his family’s Christmas gift.

In addition to toffee, we now sell cheese wafers and cookies and we’ve recently added an online store so you can shop from home.

Our little toffee company is well loved and supported.

Thanks for being Notti.